Can a General Dentist Do a Tooth Extraction?

Can a General Dentist Do a Tooth Extraction?

May 2, 2023

Although the tooth that requires pulling can be any, people prefer the procedure for wisdom teeth. For tooth-pulling, you might be wondering if your regular dentist can conduct it or if you need to see an oral surgeon. Well, the answer to this query will rely on multiple factors.

General dentists are the first-line dental healthcare providers. They usually perform preventative dental care treatments, restorative procedures, and diagnoses. General dentists have done extra training to conduct surgical tooth extraction. If they notice huge sinuses or restricted mobility of the jaw or teeth positioned in a way that prevents tooth pulling, the general dentist recommends visiting an oral surgeon.

What Type of Dental Professionals Can Conduct an Extraction Procedure?

The following dentists can perform dental extraction near you:

Oral or Maxillofacial Surgeon

Oral surgeons are specialized in performing invasive dental treatments. They have the required dental equipment and resources to conduct full tooth extraction. However, maxillofacial surgeons are experts that fix the issues of the chin, mouth, face, and neck. They also perform tooth-pulling procedures well.


Periodontists are dental experts that specialize in supporting tooth structures. They are well familiar with the tooth extraction procedure. They know how to fix problems that affect the supporting tooth structure.

General Dentists

Although the dentist in Okemos uses dental restorations to rescue teeth, he/she performs extraction when required. In most cases, single-tooth extraction is not a good choice. In that case, patients require a surgical procedure. It is highly recommended for people with teeth fractured below or at the gum lining or wisdom teeth, which are still in their early development stages.

General dentists conduct simple extraction procedures using forceps. However, for surgical extraction, they receive extra training. But remember, not all general dentists get training in eliminating the original teeth of an individual. For example, a few dental clinics do not provide this service and may refer patients to other specialists. They can conduct dental checkups and teeth cleanings after getting the tooth pulled.

When You Need Assistance from an Oral Surgeon?

Below are the reasons why you need the help of an oral surgeon near you for tooth extraction:

  • If you have underlying medical problems like high blood pressure, unmanageable diabetes, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • When you need to administer general anesthesia.
  • Elimination of broken or cracked teeth.
  • People that have dental phobia.

Why Are Oral Surgeons the Best for Extraction Procedures?

Fractured or cracked teeth can easily break during the tooth extraction procedure. Due to this, eliminating them intact is usually impossible. Thus, it requires surgery. So, oral or maxillofacial surgeons are the best for tooth extraction. A general dentist cannot perform impacted teeth removal, no matter if it’s stuck in the gums or jawbone.

Oral surgeons administer a wide assortment of anesthesia. Maxillofacial surgeons are also well-trained in pain management and the use of anesthesia. Sometimes, the dentist 48864 and the periodontist work together to rescue patient teeth apart from tooth removal as necessary. Periodontists also give numerous state-of-the-art solutions. Remember, seeing a periodontist is a good choice if you require pulling, mainly due to periodontal disease.

Get a Tooth Replacement Quickly

The tooth extracted requires replacement to prevent further dental health problems. The best restorations are dental implants. It’s a surgical procedure and creates a better sense to see an oral surgeon because they are well-trained in implant placement. General dentists mainly do not use multiple sedation and anesthesia options. But these are necessary for making treatment painless and comfortable.

The general dentist needs to pass either doctor of dental medicine or a doctor of dental medicine degree. Both allow them to conduct certain kinds of oral surgeries. In most cases, tooth extraction is simple. It means a general dentist can perform the procedure easily. Wisdom teeth are difficult and fully resist the simple pulling of teeth. The majority of dentists use dental sedation. If the general dentist is untrained, choosing an oral surgeon is a good idea.

So, if you suspect you require tooth extraction, call our board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons at Okemos Smile Center today. They prioritize the comfort and safety of patients to ensure a positive treatment experience.

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