Does Dental Bonding Appear Natural?

Does Dental Bonding Appear Natural?

August 8, 2022

Cosmetic dental procedures require an investment and many people fear the high prices of aesthetic dentistry procedures. Fortunately, modern techniques and high-quality materials help cosmetic dentists to create natural-looking, long-lasting smiles. If you wonder whether tooth bonding appears natural, the answer is a resounding Yes.

The unique formulation helps make the dental bonding material, color matched, appear like your natural teeth. Most people will find your bonded tooth indistinguishable from your natural teeth unless you make a concerted effort to point it out. Modern dentistry allows the dentist in 48864 to create beautiful smiles more customized than earlier, allowing patients to achieve their desired smile. If you like to learn more about dental bonding, we suggest you continue reading this article.

Dental Bonding Explained

The process of applying a tooth-colored composite resin to address chips, fractures, damages, decay, and discolored teeth is called dental bonding. The composite resin material also helps some people alter a tooth’s shape or use it as an alternative for amalgam fillings.

Is Dental Bonding Suitable for Me?

Dental bonding is a quick in-office process for customers to meet your unique requirements. While it doesn’t require preparation for the process, you must visit the dentist to consult whether dental bonding is suitable for your needs.

Dental bonding helps cover minor imperfections with your teeth if you prefer a conservative process to improve their appearance and your smile in conventional treatment. Unfortunately, if you have significant damage to your teeth, the dentist might recommend alternatives like dental crowns or veneers.

As you are looking for an inexpensive and conservative process to repair the damage to your teeth, dental bonding is the ideal process to improve the appearance of your smile in one visit to the dentist’s office, requiring merely 30 to 60 minutes per tooth. However, some appointments may require more time depending on how many teeth you want to have bonded.

You also find freedom from considerable financial expenditure because bonding your teeth will not cost thousands like veneers or crowns. Instead, dental bonding is an affordable treatment costing merely $ 300-$ 600 per tooth, and the treatment doesn’t require anesthesia unless you want to have cavities filled.

How Does Dental Bonding Function?

One short visit to the dentist helps improve the appearance of your teeth and your smile with no downtime involved after the bonding treatment. Initially, the dentist uses a shade chart to select the composite resin color best matching your natural teeth. In most cases, the dentist prefers a shade resembling your natural teeth.

After the selection, the dentist prepares your teeth for bonding by applying an etching solution over the targeted tooth to help the bonding material adhere to the tooth. After preparing your tooth, the dentist uses the composite resin material to the tooth, shapes it, and hardens it before polishing the tooth. If required, the tooth receives further polishing even after setting the resin.

Dental bonding is a durable treatment that has remained on your teeth for nearly a decade with proper care.

Caring for Your Bonded Teeth

Although the bonding is durable, the material is not as strong as tooth enamel. Therefore you must exercise caution when using your teeth for purposes other than eating and chewing. For example, if you have dental bonding for gaps, you must refrain from using your teeth to open packages or bottles. The bonding material is prone to chipping and might require replacements earlier than expected if you do not care for your bonded teeth.

If you are accustomed to having staining beverages like coffee, red wine, or smoking, the dentist recommends you limit or avoid these products for at least 48 hours after the bonding treatment. Bonded teeth can accumulate stains and look out of place compared to your other teeth. In addition, dental bonding does not whiten like your natural teeth, and the discoloration will impact your smile.

Besides the above, you must maintain excellent dental hygiene by brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing them at least once, and getting six monthly dental exams and cleanings for plaque and tartar removal on your teeth. If you care for your dental hygiene appropriately by following the above practices, rest assured your bonded teeth will give you a long-lasting smile that appears natural in a quick appointment with the dentist.

Okemos Dental Center provides dental bonding treatment if you want to hide minor dental flaws with a cosmetic procedure helping you improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. If you think you will benefit from this treatment, kindly schedule an appointment with this practice to get your teeth bonded in a conservative process.

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