What is The Best Way To Remove Stains From Teeth?

What is The Best Way To Remove Stains From Teeth?

May 1, 2022

Tooth discoloration is a common problem affecting millions who seek remedies to whiten their teeth by adopting various strategies. People complain about developing stains on their teeth without realizing why they are discolored.

If you have discolored teeth, you must initially try to understand what caused the discoloration before you begin searching for a remedy to whiten your teeth.

This article looks at the reasons for tooth discoloration and provides tips on how you can succeed in removing stains from your teeth. Please continue reading for more details.

What Causes Stained Teeth?

Your teeth can develop stains for various reasons detailed below:

  • Extrinsic Stains: Your tooth enamel, the hard outer layer, can develop surface stains on the teeth from the foods and beverages you have and some fruits like berries and red sauces. If you frequently favor pigmented foods and drinks, you will likely develop extrinsic stains on your teeth.
  • Intrinsic Stains: When the dentin, the layer beneath the enamel, becomes stained when your enamel wears off, you begin developing intrinsic stains caused by poor oral health. You can develop stains on your dentin from antibiotics, trauma, and aging and are challenging to remove by brushing and flossing.

How to Remove Stains from Your Teeth?

There are different techniques you can use to whiten your teeth. Which method succeeds will depend on the extent of discoloration affecting your teeth.

Therefore you must try to understand the reasons for the staining by making inquiries with Okemos family dentistry before trying any remedy for stain removal from your teeth.

The three most popular stain removal techniques you can use are the following:

  • Practice Good Oral Hygiene: Practicing excellent oral hygiene is an effective technique for removing stains from your teeth. If you merely have extrinsic stains, they are removable by using whitening toothpaste containing abrasive agents but require the use of a few weeks before they deliver any results.
  • Over-The-Counter Whitening Products: Walking through the aisles of supermarkets and drugstores, you will notice hundreds of products claiming they can whiten your teeth the moment you begin using their brand. The lower prices of store-bought teeth whitening remedies may encourage you to purchase a product or two to achieve the brighter smile you desire.Unfortunately, most over-the-counter products don’t deliver results but are guaranteed to disappoint you, especially if you want to whiten your teeth for a special event.
  • In-Office Whitening Treatments: in-Office whitening treatments require visits to the dentist and a higher investment when getting whiter teeth from dental professionals. However, teeth whitening treatments provided by dentists are safe and effective and guaranteed to brighten your teeth by several shades in one session with the dentist.

Which Teeth Whitening Remedy Should You Consider?

First of all, you must visit family dentistry to determine what kind of staining affects your teeth and request recommendations from the dentist on the best remedies to whiten them. After examining your teeth, a professional from teeth whitening dentistry recommends a remedy best suited for your teeth.

Suppose you have extrinsic stains on the surface of your teeth from foods and beverages or dental plaque. In that case, the professional recommends whitening toothpaste available over-the-counter if you don’t require overnight results.

Unfortunately, if your needs are urgent, the better option for you is to get in-office teeth whitening from a professional because they can whiten your teeth by approximately eight shades in one appointment.

Teeth whitening treatments from dentists are undoubtedly expensive but ensure your teeth and soft tissue for your mouth are not harmed because they are protected with shields.

Before performing the teeth whitening treatment, the dentist cleans your teeth to remove plaque and tartar deposits and prepares you for the treatment using concentrated hydrogen peroxide over your teeth four times during the hour at 15-minute intervals each.

After every 15 minutes, the hydrogen peroxide on your teeth is suctioned off for another application. Heat and light accompany the application to accelerate the whitening treatment. Finally, you rinse your mouth and receive a fluoride treatment to prevent sensitivity after an hour.

In-office teeth whitening treatments from dentists deliver optimal results faster than other remedies. However, no teeth whitening remedies provide permanent results and need help from you to maintain the effectiveness of the treatment.

You must refrain from having pigmented foods and beverages, maintain an excellent oral hygiene regimen, and receive six-monthly dental exams and cleanings to ensure the whitening treatment results last longer than you expect.

If you think your teeth need brightening up but are confused about which treatment you can try, don’t hesitate to visit Okemos Smile Center to evaluate the staining and receive teeth whitening treatment from the dentist.

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