What To Do If You Have Black Tooth?

What To Do If You Have Black Tooth?

June 2, 2022

When you notice that your tooth is turning black, do not panic. Instead, the first thing you are supposed to do is contact your professional emergency dentist near you, who can assess the situation.

Luckily, our dentist in Okemos Smile Centre can fix even more severe cases of the black tooth. You can recognize a black tooth from the site since it’ll be darkened. This can be a concern to many people. A black tooth can affect your smile and impact your confidence. It is also a source of great concern for your health.

Read this to learn more about its causes and treatments if you have a black tooth.

What Causes a Tooth to Go Black?

There are reasons why your teeth can begin turning Black. It starts from anything like staining to the death of your tooth. These causes include:

  • Poor Oral Hygiene

Practicing poor oral hygiene can cause your tooth to darken or go Black. This is likely to start from your tooth being stained by substances like red wine, tobacco, and intensely colored food. In addition, if your oral hygiene doesn’t remove the acid-excreting bacteria thoroughly, the acid may eat away at your tooth slowly.

As your tooth is being eaten away, tooth decay starts occurring. Tooth decay looks black naturally and can give your tooth a black appearance. This gives the image of rotten teeth and results from not looking after your teeth.

  • The Death of a Tooth

When your tooth dies, the blood supply that gave your teeth a natural and healthy color stops. And because the tooth is not receiving the nutrients that keep it healthy, it starts to darken, necrotize, die, and slowly turn black.

  • Injury

Sports injuries, biting on something hard in your mouth, or accidents can damage your teeth. If your tooth cracks, it creates a way for bacteria to enter and infect the tooth. The infection can make your tooth darken.

How Long Does It Take for a Tooth to go Black?

If the cause of your black tooth is decay, the blackness can happen over the years. If the reason is due to trauma, as soon as the blood supply stops, the internal tissue of your tooth begins to die and turn black.

Will my tooth go Black after Root Canal?

A tooth usually goes black before a root canal treatment because it rotates and decomposes inside. When a root canal treatment is performed well, all the decomposing tissue is eliminated, and the blackness will not get worse. However, they may be a mild darkening depending on how the root canal treatment was done and the material used. If your tooth shows much darkening even after a root canal treatment, visit an emergency dentist.

Effective Treatment for Black Teeth

There are simple tips to help you spot a reputable dentist for black teeth treatment more easily. To make sure you’re offered a high-quality follow-up treatment and accurate check-up, ensure you look for the following in your dentist:

  • State of the art equipment: A well-equipped clinic shows that the dentist has good capabilities. Most dentists showcase their practice capabilities on the clinic page, so check out for details, images, and further information as a sign of high quality.
  • Specialist team members: The cause of your black tooth may be unknown, so you should look for a practice with specialized staff in multiple areas. This helps you ensure that you can get the appropriate treatment more easily in one place.
  • Emergency appointment: If you see a dental practice that is ready to deal with an emergency, you can tell they’ll be able to handle a quick assessment and treatment easily on your black teeth. If your teeth begin to go black quickly, an emergency dentist will be the best option.
  • Preventative care: A vital sign of a dental practice quality is whether they offer preventive care. As they say, prevention is better than cure, and a dental practice offering preventative treatments shows that the people running the course are astute. Also, it shows that they can spot potential warning signs and other issues on your tooth.

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