Dental Sealants Excellent Against Cavities But Neglected For Unknown Reasons

Dental Sealants Excellent Against Cavities But Neglected For Unknown Reasons

November 9, 2021

Dental sealants, despite being an excellent preventive measure against cavities for children and adults, are for some reason neglected by nearly 50 percent of Americans. Brushing and flossing teeth are essential to prevent cavities. However, dental sealants may be an optimal solution to prevent children from developing cavities.

The centers for disease control and prevention have, in a recent report, spoken about the benefits of the relatively straightforward and inexpensive procedure for dental sealants in children. Sealants are a thin coating painted on the surfaces of the molars as a preventive measure against cavities. The process for getting dental sealants is painless and costs merely $ 30-$ 60 per tooth, although some discount plans and insurance can further reduce the costs.

Fewer than 50 percent of children in America have dental sealants on their teeth, although the sealants are safe and effective as they have remained for over four decades.

What Does Research Reveal About Dental Sealants?

The CDC research states sealants prevent 80 percent of cavities from developing for the first two years after the application. After that, the protection is ongoing for another four years against 50 percent of holes while the sealants remain on the teeth for up to nine years.

Kids from poorer households are 20 percent less likely to have sealants on their teeth than children from higher-income families. The number of children between six and 11 having dental sealants on their teeth is merely 43 percent. School-age children without dental sealants are prone to cavities by at least three times more than children having them.

Dental sealants are a conservative and non-invasive treatment in dentistry, although they need monitoring and maintenance during routine visits to ensure they don’t wear away. They are also sensitive to their placements and are best placed on children’s teeth by experienced pediatric dentists.

Why Should Children Have Dental Sealants On Their Molars?

Children are negligent with their dental hygiene and prone to frequently snacking on sugar and starchy foods. As a result, children developing holes in their teeth record lost school time because it meddles with sleeping, eating, and other actions. Besides preventing cavities, dental sealants help ensure children’s teeth remain intact.

After children visit pediatric dentists for drilling, filling, restorations, or extractions, their natural tooth structure becomes compromised, costing them lifetime costs for maintaining the restored tooth.

Dental sealants undoubtedly have their problems because a re-application becomes necessary if the adhesives chip or wear off. When replacing the sealants, dentists must remove any excess material using a scaler or a dental drill. In addition, children may experience an uneven bite after applying dental sealants because of the extra layer on their teeth. However, the uneven bite corrects itself because the extra layer wears off.

Unfortunately, the primary problem with dental sealants is the lack of knowledge about them among people. Many children don’t benefit from this preventive measure because of over-regulation and restrictions at every level of preventive dental care.

Insurance companies are also lagging when covering dental sealants for certain teeth. State boards have also imposed rules allowing only dental hygienists working with dentists to place dental sealants and requiring a dental exam with a dentist before the preventive measure is permitted.

How Do Teeth Benefit From Dental Sealants?

If the application of dental sealants is perfect, as provided by the dentist in 48864, the application lasts for a lifetime. After that, however, replacements are required because they tend to wear off.

Children who are developing molars at age six, 12, or 18 benefit the most from dental sealants because the durable material seals the pits and fissures on the surfaces of the molars blocking food particles and bacteria from prevailing in them. Dental sealants enable children to brush and floss their molars without challenges by creating a smoother surface if sealed in a timely fashion.

Adults can also consider getting dental sealants so long as they are not seeking a sealant for sensitive teeth. Therefore parents of children must make efforts to learn about this excellent preventive measure instead of neglecting it. Dental sealants help prevent expensive dental treatments by sealing the molars and preventing cavities from developing on children’s teeth. The sooner children get dental sealants, the better it is to remain free from dental infections and enjoy excellent dental health.

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