Bridges in Okemos, MI

One of the more popular choices in modern dentistry to replace one or more missing teeth is dental bridges from our dentists near you. They are quicker treatment than dental implants, and they are a much less invasive treatment option. If you’ve been looking at options for your tooth replacement, the team at Okemos Smile Center will be happy to answer your questions about the ease and affordability of dental bridges near you.

A Natural-Looking Option

Patients choose dental bridges from our dentists in Okemos, MI, because they provide a natural-looking solution for tooth replacement. Plus, there are options available in dental bridges so patients can choose the one that will best suit their needs and budget. They include traditional dental bridges, Maryland dental bridges, and cantilever dental bridges. When you visit our dentists at Okemos Smile Center for a dental bridge consultation, we’ll provide complete information about each of the three types – including their benefits and drawbacks – so you can make a completely informed decision.

Additionally, our dental care team will design a treatment plan that includes side-by-side costs of all tooth replacement options so you can decide if dental bridges in Okemos, MI are indeed the best choice. Other options in your treatment plan will include dental implants and partial dentures – each of which varies in cost, convenience, and durability compared to dental bridges.

You’re Two Appointments Away from a New Smile

Unlike dental implants, which can take months or multiple appointments to complete, your dental bridge procedure can be completed in as little as two appointments from our dentists near you. In general, your first appointment will be comprised of consultation, preparation of the tooth, taking measurements and impressions, and the placement of a temporary bridge. You will receive your permanent bridge during your second appointment, which is usually scheduled a few weeks after your first appointment.

Once completed and when properly cared for after you’ve received it, your dental bridge can last ten years or more. You must keep your surrounding teeth free of dental decay after receiving your dental bridge, which is easily managed through good at-home oral hygiene care, routine exams, and professional cleaning appointments from Okemos Smile Center.

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