Dental Crowns in Okemos, MI | Crowns For Teeth

One of our over-arching goals at Okemos Smile Center is to help our patients maintain their natural teeth. If you have extensive decay or a tooth infection and think that the only solution is dental extraction, a dental crown may be the solution instead. A dental crown near you from our dentists in Okemos, MI, includes protecting a tooth after receiving root canal therapy.

Natural-Looking Dental Crowns

As one of the leading general, restorative, and cosmetic dental practices in Okemos, MI, our dentists know how important it is to have a natural-looking smile. That’s why we provide a range of materials that can be used for dental crowns. The two most common materials are porcelain and porcelain fused to metal, but we’ll advise you of all options when you visit us for a dental crown consultation.

There are pros and cons to every dental crown material, such as differences in cost, durability, and appearance. Still, we’ll ensure you have the information to make the best choice for your needs and budget. For example, if your dental crown is placed on a back tooth, durability may be more important than appearance. Conversely, if your dental crown is placed on a tooth that can be seen when you smile, laugh, speak, or eat, a more natural-looking but less durable solution might be better.

Either way, the dental care team at our Okemos family dentistry will provide you with the information you need, including cost variances concerning insurance reimbursement, before your procedure begins. If you’re ready to learn more about dental crowns now, we invite you to make an appointment using our online booking tool or call our office.

What To Expect During Treatment?

Although every patient’s experience depends on their oral health, dental crowns can be completed in as few as two appointments with minimal discomfort or downtime afterward. We’ll provide you with additional information during your dental crown consultation. Make an appointment now to learn more.

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