Dental Extractions Near You in Okemos, MI

Tooth extractions near you are nothing to fear when you choose dentists committed to modern, gentle dentistry like the team at Okemos Smile Center. Although the extraction of wisdom teeth is probably the most commonly thought of procedure, there are several other reasons for the therapy – but all are performed with one goal in mind: caring, compassionate dentistry.

Why You May Require Tooth Extraction?

There are two types of dental extractions used by dentists near you. The first is surgical tooth extraction, which our dentists in Okemos, MI, use when extracting wisdom teeth. When you visit Okemos Smile Center for your wisdom teeth extraction consultation, our dentists will prepare a treatment plan to know what to plan for pre-procedure and post-procedure.

The other type of extraction is known as a simple tooth extraction. This procedure is performed in all instances other than wisdom teeth. For example, extraction is necessary if you have a tooth that has broken or become compromised from injury or decay and cannot be repaired with restoration dentistry. Once the tooth has been removed, it can be replaced with either a dental bridge, a dental implant, or a partial denture. If, however, a tooth was extracted due to overcrowding, a replacement may not be necessary.

In most cases, simple tooth extraction is completed in one appointment, and patients can resume their activities shortly afterward. As with surgical tooth extraction in Okemos, MI, our dentists near you will provide you with complete pre-procedure and post-procedure instructions and care for simple tooth extraction.

Our dentists take every measure to ensure that your natural teeth are restored whenever possible instead of being extracted. Today, one thing you can do to minimize your risk of needing extraction from tooth decay is to schedule an appointment for preventive dentistry in Okemos, MI, with the dentists at Okemos Smile Center.

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