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Thanks to the many advances made in modern dentistry, including those of our dentists at Okemos Smile Center, dental fillings no longer mean having metal in your mouth. As a leading team of comprehensive dentists, our team knows how important it is to offer dental fillings choices. Our dentists provide a broad selection of dental fillings near you, including natural tooth-colored restorations.

Choose The Material That’s Best For Your Smile

Depending on the material used for your dental filling, the procedure’s durability will vary. For example, tooth-colored fillings are best suited for front teeth or teeth that do not endure as much wear as back teeth and molars. Although tooth-colored composite can be used on all teeth, patients often choose an alternate material – such as silver amalgam – for teeth that will not be seen as readily as front teeth.

When you visit our dentists at Okemos Smile Center for a dental filling near you, we’ll provide complete information about each material available for your restoration ahead of treatment beginning. This way, you’ll understand the variations between each, such as cost and durability, to make the best choice for your goals and budget.

During your consultation, you’ll learn that gold fillings have the greatest durability (at least 15 years), but they are costly and often considered cosmetically unattractive. We’ll also provide information about temporary fillings in Okemos, MI, often used in emergency dentistry near you until a more permanent filling material is used.

Our Commitment To Safe Dentistry

Okemos Smile Center is committed to providing safe dentistry during every procedure, as evidenced by our state-of-the-art technology and our wide range of materials used in dental fillings. The two safest materials for dental fillings are silver amalgam and composite resin. Still, our dentist near you will ensure that every dental filling procedure is performed with efficacy and safety as a priority. Dental products and materials are constantly changing, but you have our assurance that you will always receive the safest choices in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry from our dentists.

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