Dental Inlays & Onlays in Okemos, MI

When you visit our dentists near you at Okemos Smile Center for restorative dentistry, you’ll be pleased to discover an alternate treatment that may be used to reinforce the strength of your teeth: dental inlays and dental onlays. As an alternative treatment option, inlays and onlays are widely considered by dentists and patients alike to be more attractive than other treatments.

Discover More About Inlays & Onlays Near You

If you have not heard about inlays and onlays as treatment options before, you may not be alone. Although they are two of the more popular alternatives to dental crowns and fillings, many people are not familiar with their specific function in modern dentistry.

The advantages of inlays and onlays from our dentists at Okemos Smile Center are that they can be made of porcelain and tooth-colored composite resin. Using these materials means the result will match the appearance of your other teeth instead of standing apart like old-school metal restorations are prone to do.

The procedure time for inlays and onlays from our dentists in Okemos, MI, can typically be completed in one appointment. Plus, they are durable and long-lasting. With proper care at home, routine exams, and preventive dentistry after your procedure, your inlays or onlays could last upwards of 20 years.

Our Commitment to Modern Dentistry

Our dentists and dental care team at Okemos Smile Center are committed to providing safe dentistry and advanced treatment modalities for patients seeking more than one option in their dental care. In some cases, a tooth-colored filling from our dentists near you may work better than an inlay or onlay, but we’ll make sure that you know about every option we offer in comprehensive dental care so you can make the best choice for your timeline, budget, and goals.

You have our assurance that you and your family will always receive the safest and broadest choices in general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry from our dentists in Okemos, MI. We invite you to make an appointment now to learn more about inlays and onlays near you or any of the other top-tier dentistry we provide at Okemos Smile Center.

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