Emergency Dentistry Near You in Okemos, MI

By the nature of the word “emergency,” no one knows when it will happen or what it will entail. That’s why it’s important to choose dentists near you in Okemos, MI, like the team at Okemos Smile Center, who provide comprehensive dentistry across a broad suite of services.

For example, if you lose a dental filling and need it replaced through emergency dentistry near you, our dentists in Okemos, MI, have the experience and skill to provide top-tier general dentistry required for this procedure. Likewise, suppose you have a tooth knocked out from an impact-related event. Our dentists near you have the advanced technology needed in cosmetic and restorative dentistry to save or replace the tooth.

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency right now, please call our office to speak to a member of our dental care team so you can receive triage information before coming into our office for treatment. By calling ahead, we can provide instruction on what you can do at home while waiting to be seen by one of our dentists at Okemos Smile Center.

Want to Prevent a Dental Emergency?

One of the best things to prevent needing an emergency dentist in Okemos, MI, is to take proactive preventive dental care steps. For example, when you visit Okemos Smile Center for routine dental exams and cleanings, our team will be able to detect any small concerns before they become larger ones:

  • A small cavity is easily repaired versus the alternate emergency treatment of a dental infection.
  • Bleeding gums are easily treated before they develop into advanced periodontal disease.
  • A tooth fracture can be remedied with a dental veneer before becoming a broken tooth.
  • The slow wearing away of teeth from tooth grinding can quickly be treated with a sleep guard.

By staying ahead of the curve on preventive dentistry appointments, patients can significantly minimize their emergency dentistry needs.

Schedule Your Appointment Now

There’s no better time than now to protect yourself from needing emergency dentistry. We invite you to use our online booking tool to schedule your preventive dentistry appointment. However, if you believe you are experiencing a true dental emergency right now, we ask you to call us for instruction and additional information.

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