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Having a root canal is a scary thought for many patients. They may have heard horror stories or thought it was a painful procedure.

Our endodontists at Okemos Smile Center let you know that’s not the case. A root canal procedure is often necessary to save a tooth and could cause great pain if avoided.

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal must be done when patients suffer from the infected pulp inside the root. This pulp can become inflamed, causing great discomfort and irritation. If left untreated, the tooth could abscess.

This inflammation can result from tooth decay left untreated or from a crack in the tooth that damaged the pulp. Our dentists will initially meet with you to determine the extent of your infection and the best plan of action.

Our dentists at Okemos Smile Center will begin by removing the infected pulp from the area during the root canal procedure. They will then clean the root and seal the space. A crown may be placed over the root canal for additional protection.

Depending on the patient, sedation may be requested for the duration of the procedure. This will help more anxious patients to take their minds off the procedure and relax in the chair.

Although root canals have been regarded as painful and invasive procedures, this isn’t always the case. New technology has allowed endodontists to complete root canals with little to no pain felt by the patient.

Although the most common endodontic treatment is root canals, our dentists also provide additional treatment. Patients who have suffered a traumatic dental injury or blow to the mouth will also see an endodontist.

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At Okemos Smile Center, our endodontists have years of experience in root canal procedures and endodontic treatments. You can rest assured that your teeth are in good hands.

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