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At Okemos Smile Center, we provide the finest dental care to our family of patients. Our reliable dentist near you offers effective treatments for patients of all ages, and we use the most modern technology for quick and efficient procedures.

Our goal is to help our patients enjoy optimal oral health and a better quality of life through personalized dental care.

General Dentistry in Okemos, MI

Our dentist provides a wide range of general dentistry procedures:

Root Canal Treatment

Are you suffering from intense toothache or heightened sensitivity? The tooth pain could be due to an infection of the root canal or pulp chamber that contains nerves and blood vessels.

Root canal therapy involves numbing the site, drilling out the infected material, and sealing the canal against bacteria. We will place a crown on the treated tooth once the site has healed.

Bruxism Treatment

Bruxism refers to teeth clenching or grinding due to genetics, malocclusions, or stress. Bruxism causes teeth to wear away quickly and damage prosthetics like fillings or crowns. Treatment may involve custom-fitted mouthguards, muscle relaxants, or stress-relief tips.

Gum Disease Treatment

When bacteria penetrate the gingival layer, it attacks gum tissues and surrounding bone. If left untreated, periodontal disease can attack tooth roots and cause systemic diseases like heart attacks and strokes.

The expert dentists at Okemos Smile Center may perform scaling and root planning or place medication packets in gum pockets to eliminate bacteria.

Tooth Extraction

Our experienced dentist in Okemos, MI, may need to extract a tooth that is beyond repair. We use effective sedation dentistry to keep our patients relaxed throughout the procedure. Tooth extractions may be simple or surgical.

Emergency Dental Care

Please contact Okemos Smile Center to book an appointment with our emergency dentist for a dislodged tooth, bleeding gums, or damaged prosthetics.

Mouth Guards

Custom-fitted mouth guards can protect you or your child’s oral cavity from permanent damage. Please get in touch with us for durable, well-fitted mouth guards.

Thanks to our high-tech dental equipment experience, we can guarantee the delivery of premium general dentistry services near you.

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