Oral Cancer Screenings in Okemos, MI

You may not think that oral cancer is overly concerned since you don’t hear about it as often as other forms of cancer. But when you learn some of the facts about it, your opinion may change. Not only that, you’ll appreciate that our team of dentists near you at Okemos Smile Center perform visual, oral cancer screenings during every comprehensive dental exam and professional tooth cleaning in Okemos, MI.

Interesting Facts About Oral Cancer

Before you think that you’re protected against oral cancer because you’ve never smoked or chewed tobacco, you may want to consider some of these facts concerning the condition:

  • Oral cancer can affect anyone, at any age, regardless of tobacco use.
  • For individuals who do smoke and use alcohol, their chance of developing oral cancer increases by as much as 15 percent
  • The death rate for oral cancer is considerably higher than other forms of cancer, including cervical cancer.
  • Men are more prone to developing oral cancer than women.
  • The symptoms of oral cancer often go unnoticed by patients.

It’s the last bullet item (symptoms of oral cancer often going unnoticed by patients) that increases the importance of receiving oral cancer screenings near you regularly as critical as other types of cancer screenings.

Early Detection is Critical

Recent studies reveal that there has been an alarming increase in oral cancer cases in patients between the ages of 18-40 due in part to the presence of the HPV virus. With a five-year survival rate currently standing at 50 percent, our dentists in Okemos, MI, believe you’ll agree that early detection can save lives.

When you visit Okemos Smile Center for either a stand-alone oral cancer screening or as a part of your comprehensive exam or cleaning from our team of dentists near you, we’ll use advanced technology and equipment to detect the condition in its earliest stages.

If it’s been more than six months since your last dental visit, and even if you’re not currently experiencing any change in your oral health, there’s no better time than now to receive oral cancer screening near you from Okemos Smile Center.

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